Wanda Robertson, Molalla, OR USA

'Spathiphyllum-Peace Lily'

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Artist's comments ...

    block: birch plywood
    Ink: Green water based ink

    The Spathiphyllum is a tropical house plant. I happen to have one growing in a vase with a tropical fish (a Beta or Siamese fighting fish) swimming around in the roots of the plant. I was sitting on my couch Trying to think what I wanted to do for the exchange, when I looked at the plant and thought "It's common Name is Peace Lily!" The print block is carved roughly in birch plywood - peace is never smooth. Printed in green water-base ink (mixed by me) to suggest that ocean going organization (Green Peace) I do not always approve of their methods but you have to admire their dedication. You will notice the Design is repeatable _ hopefully the subject is too. Peace to you all!

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