Anonymous, USA

'Shunga Oreo'

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    Reduction hanga woodblock on birch plywood. Three stages & four impressions. Edition size 35 prints including proofs, printed on Rives light (115gms).

    After researching the traditional japanese shunga genre, I decided to not hold back and to incorporate a little bit of the many aspects that Shunga typically covers. So on this print titled "Shunga Oreo' which depicts a trio of lovers...sandwiched like an Oreo cookie (white cream filling in the middle) will find a bit of everything: group sex, intriguing sexual positions, masturbation, big emphasis on the male & female genitalia and I even threw in a little twist on the historical theme by including what seems obvious in the image... inter-racial sex... hope you enjoy this print as much as I did making it.

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