Julio Rodriguez

'Munch Revisited - April 20, 1999'
(Littleton, Colorado)

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Artist's comments ...

"Munch Revisited" reflects upon the recent tragedy at Columbine High School in the town of Littleton, Colorado. The main elements for the print were taken from Edward Munch's famous painting "The Scream". Many of Munch's (Norwegian, 1863-1944) compositions deal with illness, death and grief.

My print reflects on the tragic deaths of twelve students and one teacher after a shooting spree by two fellow students who later committed suicide. In the print, thirteen crosses in the background line the Columbine High School building while on the left side of the print two dark figures with long trench coats give pursue to "the screamer". The ghostly figure lies partially outside the frame of the print in its intent to escape from the painful reality. Who among us can forget the haunting media coverage of the incident showing students frantically running away from their school building? Their fear and panic was the inspiration for this print.

Who is "the screamer"? I guess the screamer is us, you and me. All those of us whose innocence is once again shocked at the knowledge that such things can and do occur. That life can be interrupted with such finality and for no apparent reason. That we wish we could escape to live in a world without such tragedies. That merely turning off the TV won't make these events go away and that our lives are now forever scarred.

Julio Rodriguez, August 4th, 1999.

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