Chris Bailey, Calgary, Alberta Canada


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    Ink: Speedball Oil Based
    Paper: Schoellershammer Pastelpainting Paper No.2

    Inspired by possibly one too many viewing of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, I decided a pirate ship would make for an interesting subject. I normally work on bright white Masa paper, but saw this paper and thought it would be more suited to the subject matter. Although not really intended for print making, I think the paper worked well for what I was going for. In an attempt to follow the subject even further I decided to keep the printing quite 'loose'. Each was printed with a small book binding press, and then around the edges with a wooden spoon. This 'loose printing' was a challenge, and I have to admit that some of the prints ended up closer to my intended vision than others.

    I hope you enjoy the print. I look forward to seeing what 'open subject' prints arrive in exchange.

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