Emma Jane Hogbin, Toronto, ON Canada

'Turbulent Winds'

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Artist's comments ...

    It's called, "Turbulent Winds." A friend of mine worked on the wind turbine project here in Toronto. He's originally from Scotland and worked on wind farms there. I gave him a horrible time about how ugly the turbine is standing all by itself and he told me that studies show that turbines are considered ugly on their own, but beautiful by the field. I would tend to agree. I've since become interested in wind turbines.

    Part of my research for this print included reading through windpower.org. While doing the research I found out that my original idea for the print was actually technically incorrect. I decided to proceed with it anyway--but I'll let you in on the secret. Wind turbines should not be located near cliffs because cliffs generate turbulent winds, which are not efficient for wind power. Turbulent winds do, however, make for good wood engravings.

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