Gayle Wohlken, Burton, OH USA

'Three Shirts'

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Artist's comments ...

    Block: Maple
    Ink: Black oil based Daniel Smith
    Paper: Kitakata

    The haiku wrote itself when I tried to work all the elements into it. The shirts in the image take on a life of their own because they have embossed upon them the symbols which the men have chosen to represent themselves. We often wear our ideologies on our shirts and those beliefs can almost carry on without us once set into motion. (of course, we are always there, whether sleeping or not, if even in our dreams, keeping the momentum going). So earth is where the sleeping men reside; air, fire, and water are the storm whic symbolizes the beliefs that animate the shirts.

    --- Accompanying haiku:

    Three shirts flap like flames
    battered under stormy skies
    the naked men sleep

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