Maria Arango, Phoenix, AZ USA

'How to Make a Desert: Step 1'

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Artist's comments ...

    This is an engraving on end-grain maple block printed on Stonehenge cream paper. The edition was 100.

    While driving through the desert (which I do A LOT) I often envision a great hand shaping and molding the land. I'm not particularly religious, so any connections to the hand of "The Creator" are purely coincidental, although probably inevitable. My vision has more to do with the act of driving and how surreal it seems to wake up in the dead of the Mojave Desert and go to sleep 500 miles away by the bluest alpine lake. While on the road, the landscape seems right next to me yet far, far away, molded and shaped by giant fingers, or scarred by massive claws, or squashed here by an awesome paw and lifted over there by the capricious pull of a hand (an artist's hand?). In any case, there are more in the works, as shaping the land with a giant hand is very fun to visualize.

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