Gillyin Gatto, Machias, Maine USA

'Healer's Dream'

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Artist's comments ...

    Healer's Dream is my impression of a dream my cousin, Luke, has related to me many times. He saw many snakes in a big group all together, not threatening, just intent on being where they were. He was a young fellow then and upon awakening, decided that if he went out into the woods, he would find them. Sure enough, after much searching, he did come upon a large mass of snakes. I have also encountered just such a mass of snakes, although I never dreamed them, and it seems that this is the mating habit of many snakes. Males congregate and vie with each other to see who will be the mate of the larger single female. My cousin grew up to be a healer, homeopath and research biologist. Snake is the symbol of the healer.

    Size 6 1/8" x8 "
    Ink: Van Son oil base plus
    Three blocks printed in succession light to dark, wet in wet, hand rubbed with Teflon baren (deep purple-birch ply, turquoise blue-pine, green-teak ply).

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