Annie Bissett, Northampton, MA USA

'Everyone Everywhere Loves the Same Moon'

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Artist's comments ...

    As I worked on this print, it became an exploration of some of the themes I've been struggling to understand since September 11 and the U.S. led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: fundamentalism of all sorts, religion's role in society, bondage, and the nature of true freedom. Although religion is an extremely polarizing and divisive force in our world, I think that in essence all religions seek to make sense of life, death and the human condition - to explain the moon, so to speak. The differences between us are painfully obvious. I believe that the work of making peace is to discover and focus on what we have in common. We may all describe it differently, but we all love the same moon.

    Moku hanga on masa dosa paper
    Four blocks (1 lauan plywood, 3 shina plywood)
    11 colors, 13 impressions
    Text: rubber stamps and archival pure-pigment ink
    Edition of 44

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