Sarah Hauser, New York, NY USA

'Chucho El Magnífico'

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Artist's comments ...

    The Story of Chucho El Magnífico

    Chucho El Magnífico is rumored to be the last remaining descendant of the Dinohyus, a mammal originating in the early Miocene, roughly 24 million years ago. Over the past hundred years, there have been rare sightings of him scampering in Central Park in New York City, which is said to be his primary territory, though there have been a couple of sightings which occurred in New Jersey.

    His teeth are large and look a bit scary, but he is an herbivore, and appears to have a happy disposition. He has even been said to allow small creatures such as squirrels and birds to ride on his back.

    Late at night, one will see animals gathered around him as he dispenses his sage advice, which has been passed down to him from other Dinohyus through the millennia.

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