Richard Stockham, Birmingham Alabama USA

'Annunciation: Psyche's Discovery'

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Print:  Annunciation: Psyche's Discovery

Comment:  If you stand in the doorway between the Uffizi’s
Room ten-fourteen & fifteen, two Annunciations,
Botticelli's & Da Vinci's, face over vertiginous space,
Where, time suspended, twin kneeling angels face
Twin turning virgins. Twin hands, raised in greeting,
Announce the encounter of immortal & mortal: the picture
Of Christian origins as Renaissance masters re-conceived it.
Two halls over, in room forty-four, Crespi's Psyche Discovers
Cupid reframes it.The winged gods recoil; hand raised shunning,
Pale Psyche turning: picture the soul's mythic origins.
In my image Cupid & Angel are one; hands raised in greeting
Or shunning:one. The singular axis of two explanations--two
World views-turns into a picture that draws on the revealing
Ambivalence that put masculine sibyls on the Sistine ceiling.

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