Diane Cutter  Ceiba, Puerto Rico USA

'He Who Lies Late...'

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Artist's comments ...

    Print: "He Who Lies Late..."

    Comment: Cherry woodblock print using Daniel Smith oil-based relief ink on Masa paper, hand-pulled with bamboo baren.

The line work from a contour drawing I did years ago seemed perfect for my first serious woodblock. As I cut this piece I kept thinking of the Mother Goose rhyme, 'Cock Crow', one of many rhymes my grandmother would read to me when I was very little, thus the title of the print.

    'Cock Crow'
    Cocks crow in the morn
    To tell us to rise,
    And he who lies late
    Will never be wise;
    For early to bed
    And early to rise,
    Is the way to be healthy
    And wealthy and wise.

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