Exchange #30

Doug Haug, Coordinator

Details of [Baren Exchange #30]
  • Medium: woodblock print (hand rubbed or pulled on a press, B&W or colour, any pigments, any paper)
  • Theme: none
  • Image size: no restriction
  • Paper size: to be announced
  • Paper type: no restriction
  • Registration period: One month starting July 5 , 2006
  • Delivery deadline for finished prints: November 1, 2006

Coordinator's comments:


The other day I was showing my dad my prints for the exchange and then went on to show him prints from other exchanges I had participated in. While he enjoyed looking at them, he asked me why we did these things. There is no way to profit from either coordinating nor making prints to trade.

My reply was, we do this for the educational opportunity it provides. It is one thing to see prints in books and magazines, but most of those prints were done years ago, and the reproduction processes of offset printing have a way of changing the appearance of the art. No texture, maybe a slight color change, and so forth.

The newer way to view prints is on our computer monitors, where the work is glossy, and momentary.

Another way is to look at work hanging in museums and galleries, under glass, and rather unapproachable. Hours are lousy, too, and they only show whomever they choose.

The truth is, as I didn't tell him, is it?s a great way to see, feel and collect some incredibly cool art!

I hope you feel this exchange was worth the work, and worth the wait.
It has been a great experience for me to do the final organization of this project, and as a printmaker, I am humbled to be included in this group.
The prints show the great range relief prints and their respective artists can attain with an idea, a chisel and a block.

The only downside to this project was, in spite of your good faith, multiple emails, phone calls and assurances, one person decided he didn't want to play nicely with others. I don't know what else to say or do about him.

I want to thank Mike Lyon for his input and assistance, but mostly I wish to thank all of you that participated for your work, emails, and patience.

-- Doug Haug