Charles Morgan, Victoria, B.C. Canada

'Oh! Dragons'

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Artist's comments ...

    Woodblock & pouchoir, BFK Rives, vine black etching ink and burnt plate oil. Pearl Ex spring green pigment and clear acrylic medium, flame red acrylic screen printing ink.
    After the letters were assigned, someone contacted me and wanted to swap letters. So I wound up with the letter "O". I decided to use a little dragon motif similar to the one that I used in my All Hanga exchange print. However a comparison of the two prints will show that the dragons in this print are rather different from the ones in my Hanga print.

    The green of the bodies and the red of the tongues and eyes were done by the pouchoir (stencil). Then the black was printed by carved woodblock. Pin registration was used throughout. It was printed on my bottlejack press. Lastly, the small chop at the lower right was carved in a small woodblock, inked on a red stamp pad and applied.

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