Diane Cutter Ceiba Puerto Rico USA

Diane Cutter

'Jack's Beanstalk'

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Fairy Tale and Artist's comments ...

Diane Cutter - Ceiba, Puerto Rico USA

Jack's Beanstalk

I chose the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, a tale of a silly boy who disobeys his parents and, instead of selling the cow for family necessities, trades it for a bag of magic beans. In a rage his father flings the beans out the cottage window but the next morning an enormous beanstalk has grown up toward the heavens.

Of course, Jack being Jack climbs all the way up, discovering himself in a giant's home. He finds the giant's prized possession is a goose that lays golden eggs. Jack steals it and, as he escapes down the beanstalk, the giant gives chase. Fortunately Jack is quicker and, once at the bottom, chops down the beanstalk, killing the giant.

Jack is now considered a hero by his family as they live happily ever after due to their new wealth of golden eggs. While I always thought Jack was rather naughty, I loved the beginning of the tale, full of possilities of exploration and adventure, before Jack knows the dangers, while there is still the glow of excitement and intrigue.

Woodcut, Edition 36, Paper: Flecked mulberry. Ink: Daniel Smith relief oil (burnt umber), Method: Bamboo baren