Gillyin Gatto, Machias, Maine USA

'King o' the Cats'

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Fairy Tale and Artist's comments ...

Gillyin Gatto - Machias, Maine USA

King o' the Cats

This cat tale has many versions told in Ireland, England, and Scotland, but they all tell the same story in slightly different ways. A hunter gets lost in the fog and comes upon a funeral procession - of CATS!

When he is relating his experience, after finally making it home, the family cat is listening intently along with everybody else. upon hearing that a coffin with a crown and scepter was bourne by cats in torch light, he jumps up exclaiming, "If Old Grimalkin is dead , then I am the KING O' THE CATS!!" He ran up the chimney and was seen no more.

Block: teak venner
Ink: Van Son oil base Plus
Paper: "printmasters"
Hand rubbed with tefflon baren