Peter Kocak Presov, Slovakia EU

Peter Kocak

'The Love'

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Fairy Tale and Artist's comments ...


The Love

My son 13years ago with mother, as a little king night fairy tale…
One parents can't have a childs.
Wife told to her man, "I want
some little little child - enough for
one bean. As a child it's enough
please, my god, send one small
child baby." And one day it's happen
so. A child was born from a
bean. Boy called "Janko (Johnny)
Bean" and was pretty strong, as
much as two giant men! And was
very good helper for very old parents.
He has doing big miracles
for all people around and so on
and so on.
Nice Slovak fairy tale... Very old good luck!

Luan-woodblock, oil color, Gmund paper of Sweden