Lana Lambert, Charlotetesville, Virginia USA

'Faerie's Tail'

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Lana Lambert Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Faerie's Tail

I had a wonderful design and drawing all picked out for my Fairy Tale print and decided to try something new. I followed instructions in a book that said to dilute black ink in some oil and rub it onto the woodblock to create a stain and then transfer your drawing onto the block. I did such with carbon paper and by the time I finished my very intricate drawing and lifted off the papers, my image had not transferred. The oil from the stain resisted the carbon and I was very disgusted at the waste of time.
Having had a block already picked out for this project, I went into salvage mode. I have a book that was dumped out of a library in Alexandria, VA. How and why they justified ditching this wonderful tome I will never understand. It is a catalog of Barye's sculptures published by Gallimard in French. I just love Barye's work. He designed and cast in bronze two candle sticks that featured three women these ladies as a model and free-entwined. The plate reads "Trois handed the sketch with permanent Femmes Assises, Venus, Minerve et magic marker and then gave her a Junon, Une Vasque." I used one of set of dragon fly wings.

Japanese Woodblock print (Moku Hanga). This print is a departure from my normal working process. This time, I freehand drew a sketch on a block of poplar and carved the design out from there. I printed the image up on my Vandercook with Cobalt Ink and powdered it with a layer of Interference Gold powder. The edition is printed on Edgeworthia Natural Paper and was a real treat to do!