Ivan Locke St Louis, Missouri USA

Ivan Locke

'The Rabbit's Bride'

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Ivan Locke St Louis, Missouri USA

A maiden is enticed to run off with a vegetable munching rabbit after his multiple advances towards her. The two are to be wed and the maiden prepares a vegetable porridge for the impending guests while the rabbit goes off to make other preparations. The maiden, with a turn of heart towards longing for home, abandons the porridge, replacing herself with a straw stuffed substitute to tend the spoon, and runs off. The rabbit, returning ahead of the guests, inquires after the porridge. A constant silence of his betrothed to his questioning leads the rabbit to anger until he lashes out with a paw.

The straw maiden tumbles to the floor. The rabbit mourns at having killed his bride.

Wood pyrograph relief print based on the story from "Grimm's Fairy Tales".