Julio Rodriguez Skokie Illinois USA

Julio Rodriguez

'My Magical White Horse'

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Julio Rodriguez Skokie, Illinois USA

My Magical White Horse

When I was a young man in college I dedicated much time to working with young kids at the local Kiwanis and YMCA clubs. One of my many responsibilities was to take the kids on field trips to museums, playgrounds, etc. around Chicago. One way to often keep the kids quiet while on long bus rides was to tell stories that would keep them entertained. One such made-up story which was always a hit was the one of my 'magical white horse'. The story and the names always changed a bit each time was retold it but the main theme revolved around the tale of a majestic white horse I used to ride in my grandfather's farm back in Cuba. This was a special horse with magical powers and smart as any person you know. There was always a part of the story where the horse would do something amazing or save someone's life. At some point near the end one of the kids would usually ask whatever happened to the horse and I would reply that the horse was now if horse-heaven but that every once in a while he would come and visit me in my dreams and that sometimes I could feel him nearby as if he was still watching over me......that was the point in the story where I would suddenly spring up from my seat and point out in the far horizon and all excited yell to the kids.. There, there...you see him ? there he is he's following the bus !!!! The kids would look all excited and in disbelief looking for the four-legged beauty....."Of course" being a magical horse he could run at great speeds and keep up with us but also he was now INVISIBLE!!! After I while I had the kids following along and they too would 'see' the horse jumping from building to building or galloping close behind our bus...

So there you have it...the story of my magical invisible white horse.