Aya Rosen Brooklyn New York USA

Aya Rosen


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Aya Rosen Brooklyn, New York, USA


Anyway, the story behind my print is the two mother figures in Cinderella
- the stepmother and the fairy godmother. I've used the same photo to represent both.

There's a whole story behind it but basically, the piece is about how socially, people, and especially, women are expected to play a role and be defined by it is a very objectifying manner. We are all Cinderellas in our mind, but also, we are all evil stepmother sometime and fairy godmother sometimes. Being more then one thing is basically, the human condition. The allure of fairy tales to me is to be objectified by one part of one's personality. It makes a world that's very simple, black-and-white, good-and-evil. This simplistic interpretation of reality is both tempting and dangerous.