Barbara Patera Seattle, Washington USA

'Grandma Salerno & The Fabric of Time'

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Artist's comments ...

Name: Barbara Patera
Location: Seattle area USA

Print Title: "Grandma Salerno & the Fabric of Time"
Paper Dimension: 11"x15"
Image Dimension: 6"x 8"
Block: Shina Ply
Ink: Charbonelle etching - Paynes Grey - hand watercolored
Paper: Magnani Pescia - Wht.
Edition: 40 plus 4 AP

When I was a kid we lived next door to the large, multi-generational Salerno family. They all, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and great grandma, lived in a huge, four story, pink stucco house. Grandma, the matriarch of this clan was my friend Joey's great grandmother.

Grandma S. seemed to be all knowing and seeing and was definately an ear grabber, one who would swear mightily in Italian at wrong doers. Also said to possess the "evil eye" she easily kept us neighborhood kids in line.

Grandma's main claim to fame though was her story telling. She wove wonderful tales, mixing Greek and Roman mythology with blood curdling stories from her youth in Sicily. She told of her voyage to America as a young bride. Her life in the tenenments and union building in were other subjects she covered. We also learned the correct way to plant and grow tomatos.

Thinking of her now, I realize what a treasure she was. She made history a living thing ...not to be ignored but to be savored ... not dusty and dry but a part of who and what we are.