Andrew Stone Santa Cruz, California USA

'The Yellow Spring'

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Artist's comments ...

Name: Andrew Stone
Location: Santa Cruz, California

Print Title: The yellow spring
Paper Dimension: 9.75 X 15 inches
Image Dimension: 7.5 X 11 inches
Block: 4 Poplar, 1 california redwood
Ink: Winsor Newton and Dan Smith tube watercolors, Guerra pigment dispersions
Paper: Nishinouchi from McClains
Edition: 35 + 5 A/Ps
Comments: An antique dealer in Florence that specializes in industrial objects had two very large yellow metal springs in his window last year. Sitting on plant pedestals with the right lighting they were beautiful. He was closed and when I went back they were sold. Just as well as I didn't really need an old metal spring. But collecting is like that, I still think about them and wish I'd bought one. So this is one of those springs that I coveted but lost.
The image is inspired by the Swiss object posters of the 50's.
There were 8 drops or impressions from 5 plates. Lots of issues with paper sticking to my lightly sealed boards. I'd have liked to tweak the backround color a bit more but began losing some paper fibers and decided to stop and leave well enough alone.