Diane Cutter Ceiba, Puerto Rico USA

'Gnarled Seahorses'

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Artist's comments ...

Name: Diane Cutter
Location: Ceiba, Puerto Rico

Print Title: Gnarled Seahorses
Paper Dimension: 15" x 6.5"
Image Dimension: 10" x 5"
Block: All-shina ply (2 blocks)
Ink: Akua-Kolors (quinacridone magenta, diarylide yellow, phthalo blue)
Paper: Mulberry
Edition: 29
Comments: Since I live in the rainforest and have spent much time in the ocean, I chose to depict 3 seahorses superimposed on a gnarled trunk. The gnarled trunk is an old me and the seahorses are one of my favorite marine animals.
I used two planks. The key (magenta) was laid first, then the yellow which was cut again for the blue seahorse pass. I enjoyed the transparency of the colors. The paper required a lot of lifting and re-brushing of ink. Also, since the paper I used was quite absorbent both of the Akua inks and because we had a lot of rain, to speed the drying I had to run the prints through the press between blotters, sort of a 'calendaring' of the paper after printing rather than before.
I pulled this paper from a stack of Japanese printmaking papers that I bought some years ago. I know it is a mulberry but don't have a 'proper'
name for it.