Tom Kristensen Sydney AUSTRALIA

'Nanobama BX39'

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Artist's comments ...

Name: Tom Kristensen
Location: Sydney, Australia

Print Title: Nanobama BX39
Paper Dimension: 17 x 38 cm
Image Dimension: 15 x 36 cm
Block: 3 blocks of American Cherry ply 1 block of Tasmanian Oak ply
Ink: Sumi and Blue
Paper: New Hosho from the Baren Mall
Edition: 31
Comments: This image is based on the multiple microscopic portraits of Barack Obama made from carbon nanotubules. More info at Each nanobama grows like a small block of artificial timber consisting of a matrix of upright hollow vessels. The team that produced the nanobamas based the design on the iconic Hope campaign poster produced by Shepard Fairey, who based his design on a press photograph. I am continuing to propagate this political image with woodblock technology, the original visual tool for revolutionary change. The woodblock image was often used in the 20th century to promote a cult of personality. The face we believe in becomes the face of the nation, our self-portrait.