Maria Arango


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Artist's comments ...

Block: Cherrywood

Paper: Hanhemulle tan

Edition: 43/hand printed by the artist

Four state reduction print with oil based inks.

Wood rings, like the inevitable lines that appear on our faces as we age, are a mark of times both good and bad, of life events that strenghen and of those that weaken, of happiness and sadness and loneliness, and of the relentless passage of time itself. Wear them with pride.

Viewer feedback ...

Praise: Strong print, very well done

Suggestions: Would like to see a little more solid darks

Comments: Thisprint shows your character very well, your rings are important to you! Good job.

Praise: The drawing is great and it looks like you.

Suggestions: I think either the red shapes are too dark or the white shapes are too light. I would like to see them closer together in value.

Comments: I do like the way you handle the wood.

Praise: Maria, your prints are always a surprise to me - even when they are part of a theme as the "wood ring" prints are. This is just such a lovely piece - the web site doesn't do it justice. I feel as though it's a portrait of your inner self.

Suggestions: Another 1,000 prints! And a few 4x8's thrown in, for good measure. (joking, of course) I can't see what you could do to improve this print.

Praise: Maria - I love your work. I think you are cutting with your heart. Only, and I told you that once: Why do you want to age that fast? With good luck you will reach it. don't worry. And when you do reach it, it's a good place if you don't look back.

Suggestions: Earth colors are great. Living in the Desert makes you use it.

Comments: Wish I could see all the work's stages.

Praise: All the swirls and sophisticated use of color make this a print I want to look and look at. From pictures I've seen of you, I'm not sure this is a good likeness, but the print is extremely well done and I like it.

Comments: A good print, you can be proud of this one.


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