David Bull

'Topographical Ma ... n? .. p?'

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Artist's comments ...

A first attempt at a reduction print. As noted on the [Baren] forum, this print is somewhat like a flock of sheep ... the farther away you are from it, the better it looks!

Viewer feedback ... (Dave's reponses in italics)

Goodness me... Dave has melted! I haven't seen this print in person yet, Dave, but I will say that is surprisingly more inventive than I was expecting after your 'flock of sheep' analogy. And yes, if I do get back a bit from the screen and unfocus eyes slightly... there you are! Clear as a bell in all your hirsute glory. Bravo.

It's difficult to say with just this electronic version in front of me, but I would like to see a few lighter touches in the eyes. From what I can see now, the eyes look a bit too dark and spelunky -- if you get my meaning (if not, ignore my rambling).

Actually, I chickened out. Playing with the eyes would have really meant careful drawing, in order not to end up with some bizarre expression on the face. I chose just to leave them vague and blurry. And with a reduction print, getting the light highlights has to come first, so I just didn't dare ... Did turn out to be a bit too much like Rasputin, though!

Baaah. This may not sound like much of a compliment, but here goes: "A much better print than I was expecting." How's that for a pat on the back?!

Reminds me of the time in high school when one of the teachers said something like "Nice to see your face is clearing up!"

Contrasts are right on. The abstration/reality ratio is pleasing. I miss your linework and color - not a fair criticism as what you did was completely appropriate in this case.

A neat and successful experiment! I bet it was fun to work out the puzzle.

Well, it's not that I'm 'tired' of making the Japanese reproductions, but everybody can benefit from a little 'change of pace' now and then!

And besides, I keep telling people that "I am not an artist". Now maybe they will believe me!

Lovely print, very ethereal

Suggestions: could be a little crisper, but that might destroy its mood.

Comments: I like this print, is this how you see yourself? I see you in more concrete detail, but this is a really nice print!

I like your shapes very much. Perhaps you should add your own images to the very wonderful Japanese prints you do.

Suggestions: I need a definite dark somewhere. A line, a shape, it could be small but it would perk up the image immediately

It's most certainly the you we all recognize in picture form, but a you that is veiled and flickering and interesting in that ghostly way that things come to us in dreams.

Suggestions: I probably wouldn't change anything because it's got its own voice. Any added clarity might take away from the effect.

Comments: Different and capturing.

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