Julio Rodriguez


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Artist's comments ...

My #4 print is untitled and of course a B&W self-portrait. It is my first rookie attempt at a reduction print and thus the woodblock was 'destroyed' in the process. After considering many options (Julio at work, Julio on his baseball uniform, Julio working with kids, Julio as a ....never mind!) I ended up choosing a closeup mug shot taken last year.

The photo was scanned (blasphemy!) and the image was altered to arrive at this.

Yes! A color mug shot. The decision to go to B&W was taken after showing both a color & B&W version of the image to a handfull of unbiased volunteers......the vote was 5-0 for the B&W image ( I am easy!).

The image was drawn in reverse unto a thin tracing paper type with alterations taken as needed. Notice that the bottom right hand corner was originally farther apart from the main image and later adjusted when transferring to the block. This was the last remnant of my first idea I had to make the self-portrait into a 'jig-saw' puzzle style image with certain pieces or areas of the image 'missing' (the 'hidden' Julio). You can also see my kento register lines at the bottom of the drawing ( I am a lefty!).

Here is the first proof taken from the still unfinished block. Notice the many comments and marks I made to help me in further carving the first rough cut. All impressions taken with the Vandercook #2 press.

Here is an image of the final block after printing the middle-tone for the 35+prints in the edition. Again you can see the kento cuts at the bottom. The block is birch plywood (3/4" thick, 5 ply) , a small piece leftover from the making of my son's bedroom set.

And here is the first impression on the paper of that middle-tone. The final tone was double printed (two or three impressions) after the middle tone areas were carved away. No keyblock or outline lines were used or intended as I wanted to achieve a somewhat 'loose' effect on the print. The eyes were left uncarved as a solid color area as a reminder that "our eyes are the window to our soul"..... again part of that 'hidden' Julio....wanting to remain somewhat private.

Not a great print but acceptable for a first attempt at reduction.

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