Horácio Soares Neto


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Ruth Leaf

Praise: What a powerful image. It's a great woodcut and I'm very pleased to own it.

I am very pleased with your opinion too!

Suggestions: I wouldn't change a thing.

Thank you very much, Ruth.


Praise: What a great 'Autoretrato' Horacio! You do so many self-portraits, but I think this one is superb. I especially like the little guy swinging between your heart & your shirt pocket. An interesting touch of humor or a clue to inner feelings? I suspect the latter.

I think you're right, Wanda.

Usually I don't plan my prints, I draw directly on the block. This portrait I started on the top of the woodblock, and it became very solemn: the university teacher, systems consultant, father of Claudia, Vinicius and Horacio Jr, grandfather of Gabriela, Felipe and Estela etc...Too much serious!

Then I draw the bottom of the print, that depicts the pseudo artist, the printmaker, the novel writer, the bohemian, the scotch drinker, the pubs client, the fan of the genuine Brazilian music, samba etc...

In the middle of the block the contradiction: feelings X money.

By the way, my zodiac sign is Gemini...

John Amoss

Praise: Wow, Horacio, you're a god! I am always in awe of your unique hallucination-like images- very fresh and evocative.

This opinion, coming from you John, is a great incentive to find time to make more prints, thank you.

Suggestions: Absolutely none for the image. Your paper choice is kinda weird... but I'm sure you have a good reason.

You are absolutely right. I use this cheap inferior paper because, being thin and smooth, it adheres to the ink on the block. I've already received similar opinions from other Baren members. This is one of the benefits of the exchanges. I found that I have a lot to learn about papers. I am looking for a better paper, that fit with the way I make prints (oil ink, hand printing with a wooden spoon...). Do you have any suggestion?

Comments: I'm just tickled to have another of your prints! I am just tickled with your comments John.

PS My granddaughter Estela was born on January 2nd,,2000. If you want, I may introduce her to your Robert, who knows..:>)

Jeanne Norman Chase

Praise: Great technique. Interesting the way the border lines are broken to complement the knife strokes.

Suggestions: None, very creative Comments: I like the way you cut into the wood. Strong lines. Also like the black and white. Good print!!!

Your opinion and comments are a great incentive for me to continue, Jeanne. Thank you!

Gayle Wolken

Praise: Horacio you certainly are a 'hotdogger' when it comes to knife strokes (or gouge strokes as it may be). I'm quite impressed with your imagination as well as your swirls and twirls with the tools you use.

Right Gayle, U and V gouge strokes.

Comments: A darn good print.

Thank you Gayle for your comments and opinion. They are a strong incentive to continue making prints.

April Vollmer

Praise: Love the wild hair.

Thank you, April. I would like to have more hair :>)

And I see you are struggling with the usual artist's dilemma... love or money?

Right. I would like the day to have 48 hours or win the lottery...

Comments: Thank you for the beautiful print.

Thank you too, April, for the nice comment and for your wonderful print as well.

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