Alex Orgren Andover, New Jersey USA


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Artist's comments ...

Name: Alex Orgren
Location: Andover, NJ

Print Title: Karen
Paper Dimension: 7.5"x10"
Image Dimension: 6.5"x8.75"
Block: Shina, 8 blocks, 9 colors
Ink: Guerra pigment dispersions, a few drops of sumi
Paper: Yamaguchi
Edition: open
Comments: This is the second in a series (the first is in Exchange 36).  It's based mainly on two color families (reds and browns) and builds on color ideas I have been trying to work out for a while. As in Exchange 36, I first did a 4"x6" color study using the important parts of the face to see if the colors would layer as I expected.  There were enough changes to make the study worthwhile. Balancing colors ended up being much harder than proofs in either color family by itself and I was tricked by a few proofs that accidentally worked, whereas one of the three print runs was unusable.  As usual, I learned more about the elusive magic of ink, paste, water, and paper, but not without some frustration.