Tiberiu Chelcea Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

'Happy Family: Him'

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Artist's comments ...

Tiberiu Chelcea (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
“Happy Family: Him”

Block: Monotype; Monoprint off found objects; Woodcut; Watercolor; Collage
Ink: Caligo; Gouache mixed w/ Caligo base, DS Relief
Paper: Fabriano Rosaspina
Edition: 41

This is a variable edition since I've used monotype to print the background. This print is more of a pun on the technological meaning of "family", which is a set of closely related products. I've made 4 of these pun prints: "him", "her", "the kid", and "the newborn" -- I guess representing that mythical average family with 1.87 kids. These are related to a series of prints/drawings/collages that use circuit boards. However, I think this series is evolving into a different direction than these “family” prints (bit less colorful, less exuberant), so won’t continue with them. It was still good to get the pun out of my system, so to say.