Exchange #47

Maria Arango, Coordinator

Exchange 47 Prints

Details of [Baren Exchange #47]
  • Medium: Moku-hanga. Traditional Japanese polychrome (multi-color) wood block print - hand rubbed with baren, multi-block, water color pigments brushed on block, Japanese printmaking paper, kento registration.
  • Technique Challenge: Moku Hanga
  • Theme:Open
  • Image size: Any size and orientation within the paper
  • Paper size:Hosoban--13 x 6 inches (33cm x 13cm) 

Coordinator's comments:

There are a variety of techniques and papers, colors, themes and styles. Each is a true delight, from the most complex to the simplest. Always there are participants who "apologize" for their clumsiness or simplicity or hurriedness and always those prints are equally delightful. The format, hoshoban, and the technique, moku-hanga, truly brings out the expert printmakers of and their prints are poured over by the rest of us with admiring eyes.

There is little else I can say about this collection that can come close to looking at the prints "in person". As one participant said: "What a great set of prints! Each new page is another gem."

Thank you all,

Maria Arango


Download the Exchange 47 Colophon .pdf file (2MB)- pdf icocolophon47.pdf