Greg Robison

'Matufo gosse kebaba goowo'
(Your Bananas are not my Bananas)

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Artist's comments ...

Bananas are ubiquitous in Uganda, and there are many varieties in use for different purposes. But from one region to the next -- and even one plot of land to the next -- different varieties grow more or less well. The Lugisu saying that this the title of this print expresses the metaphorical way this applies to other things in life: what grows in your garden may not grow in mine; what works for you doesn't necessarily work for me; your luck isn't my luck... in other words, junin toiro! The print depicts several of the many ways different sorts of bananas are seen moving from farm to market at any season of the year.

Oil-based on kitikata paper; key block of carved nkalate, with reduction-method color plate.

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