Barbara Patera

'Adam and Eve Return'

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Artist's comments ...

This print took form in my head as I watched a couple of tourist walking around Cle Elum, Washington. I have no idea of their homeport but they were obviously city folk, festooned with binoculars,cameras, and dressed like tropical birds. In their quest to record all the 'quaintness' of a small farming community they were oblivious to the fact that they, not the natives, were exotic.

It brought a smile to my lips as I sat in my 'car blind' and watched this example of the genus 'Tourista' in action. What I found most astounding was their seeming lack of enjoyment as they worked hard at recording everything. And as I watched, this thought came into my mind...if Adam and Eve returned to Eden is this how they would respond? Compulsively recording everything, enjoying nothing, and then taking their pictures home... to show all their friends and relatives that they had indeed been to paradise.

I guess that in the end... after printing an edition of 40...I am left with one question. Is this sad or is it funny?

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