John Amoss


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Artist's comments ...

You may be asking: "WHO who the heck this guy is..." Well, he is a Tanuki - a wild raccoon-dog from Japan. They are sometimes called badgers, but they look more like a N. American raccoon. Although they still roam wild, they are also raised for the fur industry.

The Tanuki I have portrayed here is the folklore version. His is known as a trickster in many traditional Japanese stories. One such story describes him as a character that beckons people to come share a drink with him. It would be considered bad luck to refuse a Tanuki his wish. As a result, stautes of him can be found in front of taverns.

Tanuki sports a lotus leaf hat and carries a saki jug on one hand and a bartab in the other. He is also known for his bulbous belly and outlandish testicles on which he beats like a drum. I assume that he has had a drink or two by that point!


Here is a breakdown of my printing schedule:

  1. Light gray keyblock (block A)- Med. paste/light pigment/ med. pressure. This is for registration purposes only. I want a rich black line, but I've had problems printing strong colors initially as the pigment has a tendency of offsetting onto later blocks, etc.
  2. Light gray texture (block B)- Light paste/med. intensity pigment (on the "dry" side)/ practically no pressure. I used a flat weak home-made baren and VERY VERY light pressure so that only the paper's texture would come into contact with the printing surface. It took some practice not to make baren suji marks.
  3. Light yellow beta block- (block C)- A lot of paste, light pigment, a lot of pressure. Normally this is the first impression to be used in order to kill the surface texture allowing for a sharper image. However, since I wished the previous color (#2) to pick up the texture of the paper, I waited until now to do this.
  4. Light yellow hat, jug, bartab- (block D)- A lot of paste, med. pigment, heavy pressure.
  5. Light purple over fur area- (block B)- No paste, med. pigment, med. pressure.
  1. Brown fur- (block E) No paste, med. pigment, med. pressure.
  2. Med. purple- (block F) No paste, med. pigment, med. pressure.
  3. Dark purple, shadow on jug and hat- (block G) Med. paste, med. pigment, heavy pressure.
  4. Bokashi (graduation) on top of hat (block D)- A lot of paste, med. pigment, heavy pressure
  1. Red backgroundA- (block F) Heavy paste, a lot of pigment brushed horiz., hard pressure.
  2. Red backgroundB- (block F) Same as above except pigment was brushed on vertically.
  3. Black keyblockA- (block A) No paste, pure sumi, a lot of pressure.
  4. Black keyblockB- (block A) Same as above.


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