Dan Dew

'Proverbs 6:9'

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Artist's comments ...

For me, this is one of my best woodblock prints I have ever done. I really wanted to have the bricks look like bricks, which was quite a trial. I used Maria's idea of sandpaper, which worked on the first color impression. I then used a gouge for the rest of the impressions.

I wanted to carve my lines as small as possible and print as cleanly as possible. I started with 50 prints and ended with 43 keepers. Not bad odds for a reduction print!

Hope everyone enjoys the image. It is another employee in my office, taking a 'nap' against the stairwell out back. Sometimes it takes some convincing to get them to pose once I tell them which verse I plan on using! This is Frank and he was more than willing to be my 'sluggard'.

Cut! Print! On to the next one!

  • Paper: Kitakata
  • Ink: Akua Kolor Burnt Sienna Water Based
  • Wood: Black Walnut
  • Style: 3 Impression reduction woodblock

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