Karen Felicity Berkenfeld


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I am a textile printer and only occasionally print on paper, usually for my own use - cards etc. I use my textile prints to construct studio art quilts. These generally range from monoprint abstractions to hard-edged relief prints and collagraphs. For this, my first exchange, I decided to print on paper, which although typical for other [Baren] members, is still a novelty to me. Also, I wasn't sure how well my textile prints would finish the edges, etc. I'll give this some thought and be more adventurous the next time I take part in an Exchange Meanwhile, I've had fun and learned a lot doing this one.

My 'endangered species' is the Sockeye Salmon which I saw on a trip to British Columbia last fall. As a lifelong fisherman and conservationist I was spellbound by its beauty. Its range is the Northern Pacific, and it swims up the freshwater rivers to spawn. During spawning the male turns a bright red and soon after dies.

Their numbers are being depleted by dams which block their spawning routes, and since they are one of the few endangered species that humans depend on for food, this is being taken very seriously. New fishing laws are being instituted in the US and Canada to curb their dwindling numbers.

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