Roger Ball

'Bumblebee and Henbane'

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Artist's comments ...

Edition of one hundred (100) and six (6) Artist Proofs and three (3) Preliminary Proofs.

Twenty nine (29) prints of the edition are specifically reserved for the 1999 'Baren' Print Exchange. A preliminary three block test edition of three (3) prints will be retained by the artist.

All rejected prints from the edition will be defaced or burned.

Six birch ply blocks were hand carved based on original art by Roger A. Ball to produce the printed image of eleven colors. (Seeing more than nine colors requires close examination...) Watercolor and ricepaste were brushed on the block and then pressed into the paper with a baren. Each print was hand pulled individually by Roger A. Ball on Acid-free Rising Stonehenge Warm White between November 1998 and January 1999. When the edition of one hundred (100) is fully produced, the key woodcut block will be defaced and no subsequent editions of this print will ever be produced.

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