Ray Esposito

'Alien Dancers'

Artist's comments ... I love to work with bright bold colors. 'Alien Dancers' was actually my third effort for the exchange. After beginning and rejecting two other ideas, I was doodling one day when I noticed I had drawn some strange alien shapes. I put six of them on the sheeting and liked it.

Two blocks were cut using 5 ply Shina plywood. Three figures were carved into each block, violet, blue and yellow on one and orange, red and green on the second. They were printed on damp Arches 88 using tube watercolor and a small desktop etching press. They were printed one plate immediately after the other rather than the traditional method of printing all of the edition in one run then following with the next plate. Three colors were printed at one time by brushing the figures with ink with the second plate off-set from the first.

The edition is 50.