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Product Feedback - Hosho Paper

From Wanda Robertson: This paper is really good stuff! On the most recent of my Hanga printing, I lined up several papers: newsprint to get the boards primed properly, some "Tableau" paper, some of Matsumura san's #12 paper and last in the pile was the Yamaguchi paper. After about the 3rd pass - the Tableau was thrown out & I couldn't wait to get to the Yamaguchi paper! It is so absorbent, yet not floppy (so it doesn't sink into the low spots of the block) and tough enough to be able to use the baren without tearing or pilling on the back of the paper.
Really excellent paper! My advice is to try one or two sheets. If you do Hanga you need this paper!

From Mike Lyon: This paper is for hanga printers only. It is stronger and more uniform than any other available to me in the United States. I have made a number of 20+ block, 50-print editions on this paper and even when over-wet and late in printing, it stands up to the baren and takes the ink very well. Has a nice 'hand', too.