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Clearing gouges

These beautiful tools are forged from the same two kinds of steel as most traditional Japanese cutting tools: a high carbon portion which holds the cutting edge, laminated to a softer steel which provides strength to prevent blade breakage.

They are designed to be used with a wooden mallet, although they can also be used with the bare hands. Three common shapes are available: a flat chisel with bevelled edges, and a gentle 'U' shape (either shallow or deeper).

Gouge for clearing


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Size / Price
U-gouge ... deep
U-gouge ... shallow
Flat clearing chisel

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Kento Nomi

This is the tool used to cut the registration notches on the woodblocks. Although not strictly necessary, as the marks can of course be cut with any tool you have handy, if you are doing precision work that requires precise registration, this chisel will make the job much easier.

Kento Nomi



Weight (g)

Price (US$)


Kento Nomi by Shinkichi

96 g


Kento Nomi by Michi

96 g


Kento Nomi by Shimizu

96 g


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