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Brushes - Maru-Bake

Finding good quality brushes has become increasingly difficult in recent years, as the large amount of hand-work involved in making them has pushed the price ever higher. One of the suppliers in Japan has been trying to find ways around this problem, and has come up with a new line of brushes - the 'Sosaku Brush'. (Sosaku hanga translates as 'creative prints' and is the term generally used for modern work, to distinguish it from dento hanga - 'traditional prints').

These brushes offer excellent value. They are useable right out of the box, although working them on sharkskin or dragonskin to soften the tips will improve their response.

Sosaku Brush

The Sosaku brush is available in two sizes, 60mm and 75 mm. (Order form is below)

For those who wish to use a professional level tool, we have the following range of brushes. these are made of select horse hair, and have been treated on shark skin to feather and soften the tips.

Professional grade maru-bake

These brushes are available in a range of sizes, and we have selected five of the most common: 77mm, 92mm, 107mm, 122mm, and 137mm.

Order form for maru-bake.

Select the combination of brushes you wish to purchase, then click on the 'Add to Cart' button.


Weight (g)

Price (US$)


Sosaku Brushes

60 mm

70 g


75 mm

80 g


Professional Brushes

77 mm

90 g


92 mm

120 g


107 mm

145 g


122 mm

160 g


137 mm

200 g


152 mm

220 g


182 mm

240 g