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Sharpening Stones

Sharpening kit

In response to demand from inexperienced printmakers, Matsumura-san has put together a small kit containing all you need to get started with sharpening. It is completely self-contained, being packed in a small plastic case that also acts as a container to immerse the stones in water.

Each kit contains:

  • rough stone (66mm x 34mm x 18mm) #300 grit
  • medium stone stone (70mm x 60mm x 18mm) #1000 grit
  • fine stone (66mm x 34mm x 18mm) #4000 grit
  • slip stone (66mm x 18mm x 2.5mm)
  • surfacing stone
  • plastic case
  • non-slip cloth (for supporting stones in use)
No more excuses for dull tools!

Sharpening Kit



Weight (g)

Price (US$)


Sharpening Kit

580 g


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