The following hotels/motels are within 5 miles of my studio: (all prices plus tax) All are off of 134th St. exit of both I-5 and I-205

Comfort Inn - Vancouver
13207 NE 20th Avenue (360-574-6000)
- offering 10% discount to Baren Summit attendees: $81.99 double occupancy

Update: Anna has written to say that the Comfort Inn in Salmon Creek has a special weekly rate (which they neglected to inform me of - grrrrrrowl). The rate quoted her was $67.49 per night. The motel is fairly new and should be adequate for your stay during the Baren Summit. You can check them out at and choose the one on 20th Ave. in Vancouver, WA.

Holiday Inn Vancouver (Salmon Creek)
13101 NE 27th Avenue (360-576-1040)
- offering 10% discount to Baren Summit attendees: $85 & $90 depending on King, Queen or Suite - double occupancy

Shilo Inn Hazel Dell
13206 Hwy 99 (360-573-0511) Reservations: 800-222-2244
- offering 10% discount to Baren Summit attendees: $87.91

Red Lion Inn at Salmon Creek
1500 NE 134th St (360-566-1100)
offering discount IF we book as a group, otherwise: $94.95 for 1K or 2Q - double occupancy


Vintage Inn
310 W 11th St. Vancouver, WA (360-693-6635)


Notes from Sharri on campgrounds: "Two are available: one is private and about 3 mi. from here and called Big Fir Campground and the other is Battle Ground Lake State Park. It is about 10 -12 miles, which is pretty much 10 - 12 minutes since we are in the country. I think if you go to WA State Parks you can find all the particulars on that one. Big Fir does not have a web site. There is another campground behind the mini-mart at the freeway exit and I will have to go by there to get the details (next time I need petrol). It is the closest, but also the least quiet, of course. Or, if you are completely self contained, there is the area around our barn!"

Battle Ground Lake State Park
(approx. 12 - 15 mi. from me)

Big Fir Campground & RV Park
5515 NE 259th Vancouver, WA (360-887-8970)

  • Tent: $17.50 for 4 people - extras $4.38 each
  • RV: back in: $21.88 drive through: 24.07
  • All sites are full service hookup. Showers and flush toilets. Each site has grill and table.


Blue Star Airporters Charters & Tours 360/573-9412
All nation wide rental cars, check their websites for Portland Airport (PDX)


All at 134th St. exit from freeway - within 5 miles ...

  • Bruchis Cheesesteaks and Subs
  • Burger King
  • Burgerville
  • Garlic Jim's Gourmet Pizza
  • Jack In The Box
  • McDonalds
  • Quiznos Subs
  • Round Table Pizza
  • Taco Bell
  • various Chinese/Thai/Mexican/Mediterranean/etc.


  • Beaches (sea food and on the river)
  • Joe's Crab Shack (on the river)
  • McMennimen's (on the river)
  • McMennimen's in Troutdale - Black Rabbit Rest. - tourist destination
  • Hudson's Bar and Grill (in the Heathman Hotel - very good food)
  • McGrath's Fish House (moderately priced good food)
  • Applebees
  • Roses Deli & Bakery (downtown next to Cineplex - good food)
  • Grant House (on Officers Row - U.S. Grant's house at Ft. Vancouver Reserve - nice, historical house, okay food
  • Jollie's Restaraunt and Lounge - okay (wouldn't eat there, myself, but it is close)
  • Multnomah Falls Lodge - great Brunch - at the base of Mult. Falls, built by CCC in 30's
  • Hidden House - Greek food - downtown Vancouver