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The first [Baren] posting went out to the initial group of six members on November 27, 1997. Since that time a genuine sense community among [Baren] members (now numbering in the hundreds) has developed. The 'cause' of woodblock printmaking has received an incredible impetus from the [Baren] community, and a truly vast amount of information has been shared by members, experienced and beginner alike. Members who live near each other have 'supplemented' their on-line communication with face-to-face meetings; indeed, this is turning out to be one of the main 'side-effects' of becoming a [Baren] member - discovering other woodblock printmakers in one's own community.

On the [Baren] web site, the following paragraph appears in the general introduction section:

Think of [Baren] as being a 'convention of woodblock printmakers' - but a convention with a difference: held in 'cyberspace' and thus easily accessible to all, and with never a 'closing speech' to signify that it is time for all the participants to end the discussions and go home.

From time to time, [Baren] members have talked about organizing a second get-together on a somewhat grand scale -- a real-world [Baren] convention, following on from the successful event held in Kansas City in 2003. Planning discussions have been going on among the Council members for a long time, always listening to suggestions from group members, and we are ready to make the formal announcement.

The second [Baren] Summit - will be held at the home of member Sharri LaPierre ( 17002 NE 50th Avenue, Vancouver, Washington State), from August 14 through 19, 2006 and is open to [Baren] subscribers who register.

WHO: The first 40~ [Baren] subscribers to complete their registrations (maybe more if there's a need).

WHAT: The [Baren] Summit -- a gathering of printers interested in woodblock printing.

WHEN: The event will run from the morning of Monday, August 14 through to the evening of Friday, August 18. An optional non-printmaking field trip is planned for Saturday the 19th. Last day to sign up: May 31, 2006; Last day to cancel and receive a full refund: July 3, 2006.

WHERE: The home and studio/workshop of member Sharri LaPierre, 17002 NE 50th Avenue, Vancouver, Washington State.

COST: $75 Because registration must be limited, it would be unfair to allow frivolous registration. So we require you to make a "good faith damage and food deposit" of $75. Your $75 fee includes the cost of the porta potties as well as quite a few meals and snacks. If any money remains at the end of the summit it will be equally divided and refunded to attendees. (Anyone having a problem paying the $75 fee should contact Sharri and we will work this out on an individual basis.)

ACCOMMODATIONS: (Information to follow shortly ...) We've listed some information on hotels, motels, campgrounds and restaurants for your consideration.

EVENTS: What will happen at the [Baren] Summit? Will it be just an empty room filled with printmakers ... or ... ? Here is a first breakdown of what is planned:

  • MONDAY 8/14:
    • Gather at studio throughout the day (after 9am)
    • Meet, greet, brunch & lunch
    • Afternoon program: Hanga demonstration
    • Dinner at studio
  • TUESDAY 8/15:
    • 9 am: gather at studio
    • 10 am: head for McClains (We will be guests at McClain's Printmaking Supplies where you may purchase or lust for whatever you want.)
    • Afternoon: return to studio and try all your new goodies
    • Dinner on your own
  • WEDNESDAY 8/16:
    • 9 am: gather at studio
    • morning demo: How to do a puzzle print (comedy routine by the infamous Maria Arango)
    • afternoon: work independently
    • Break for dinner (we might order out - this dinner is not incl. in the reg. fee)
    • Evening: Solar print demo by Barbara Mason (with story telling)
  • THURSDAY 8/17:
    • 9 am: gather at studio
    • work in studio (or visit)
    • 11 am: lunch
    • 1pm: Visit Gilkey Print Center in the Portland Art Museum.
      An Exhibition at the museum will be: Through Rustling Grasses: Nature in the Japanese Print.. After the museum we will stay in Portland and gallery hop, visit Print Arts NW, and have a moderately priced dinner in the arts district (anyone wishing to stay at the studio and work can do so, but you will really miss out. If you don't want to have dinner, or your budget does not allow, we can probably put a sack lunch together for you).
  • FRIDAY 8/18:
    • 9am: gather at studio
    • work until lunch time
    • Afternoon: Tool sharpening demo
    • Dinner at studio
    • Show and Tell after dinner
  • SATURDAY 8/19:
    • Anyone willing to stay one more day: we will leave the studio at 10am and depart toward the beautiful Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area and see such wonders as Multnomah Falls, the Vista House, the Columbia River (of course), have a picnic at one of the beautiful parks along the way, visit Bonneville Dam and see the fish ladders, hatchery, see live Sturgeon, you will be duly impressed. Guaranteed.
    • Dinner at McMenamin's Edgefield. Depending on the number interested we may be able to reserve a room & order from the menu. Edgefield is the old Multnomah County Poor Farm which has become a very clever bed and breakfast with brewery & winery on the premises. They hired many artists to decorate the building, paint something of the history of the place on each door, etc. A fun place to visit ...


You may want to consider including the following when you pack:

  • Money for food and supplies
  • Printmaking supplies -- We are inviting several suppliers to join us during the week, so it will be possible to purchase certain supplies on-site (we'll let you know what to expect as the Summit draws nearer). Plan to bring:
    • drawing paper and supplies
    • wood blocks
    • carving tools
    • razor knife
    • paper towel
    • cloth rags
    • water-soluble colorants
    • mica / metallics / interference
    • shallow pigment dishes, or jars
    • nishiki (rice paste)
    • brushes
    • baren(s)
    • masking tape
    • straight edge or ruler


PARTICIPANT LIST (intends to make an informal presentation):

    1. Frank Trueba
    2. Maria Arango
    3. Diane Cutter
    4. Carole Carroll
    6. Charles Morgan
    7. Barbara Patera
    8. Ld Lawrence
    9. Sue Salsbury
    10. georga garside
    11. Marilynn Smith
    12. Anna Huskey
    13. Bea Gold
    14. Lori Salsbury
    15. Annie Bissett
    16. Ellen Shipley
    17. Le Green Schubert
    18. Viza Arlington
    19. Barbara Mason
    20. Louise Cass
    21. Brad Robinson
    22. bridget pilip
    23. Paul de Jode
    24. Carol Chapel
    25. Jean Womack
    26. Stephanie Marinone
    27. William Overbey
    28. Katie Bretsch
    29. annie ross

WAITING LIST (payment will be cheerfully refunded if you don't make it onto the Participant List):


We hope you find the idea of attending the [Baren] Summit interesting. Please join us! Sign up consists of the following steps:

    2. Signify your agreement by clicking the [Register for Baren Summit] Button.
    3. You will be directed to a sign-up form -- required fields are marked with an '*'.
    4. Watch for your name to appear over the next several days in the "REGISTERED" list above.


In consideration for being allowed to be a participant in the [Baren] Summit at the studio of Sharri LaPierre and elsewhere from August 14, 2006 through August 19, 2006, I understand there are dangers in printmaking, sharp tools, power tools, pigments, solvents, other chemicals and substances, meeting, carving, printing, cutting, attending class, demonstrating, presenting, traveling, driving, visiting, taking field trips, living in close quarters with people from diverse cultures and circumstances [together called “Summit Activities”] with the possibility of serious permanent physical and emotional injury, and possibility of death.

I understand that no amount of care, caution, instruction or supervision can eliminate the dangers inherent in Summit Activities.

I hereby personally and volitionally assume all these risks, and I waive any liability for negligence which may result from the conduct, acts or omissions, of the landowner and guests [called “Released Parties”].

I agree to hold these Released Parties harmless, release, and discharge the above named Released Parties from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, or causes of action that I may have.

I also agree to indemnify the Released Parties in the event I or my family cause personal injury or property damage to any person or property during the Summit Activities.

I understand that this indemnification includes payment for all loss, including any court or arbitration costs, attorney’s fees, awards incurred by or adjudged against the Released Parties.

I certify that I have adequate insurance to cover any injury or damage I may cause or suffer while participating, or else I agree to bear the costs of such injury or damage myself. I further certify that I am willing to assume the risk of any medical or physical conditions I may have.

By clicking on the [REGISTER for BAREN SUMMIT] button and making my deposit payment to Sharri LaPierre, I signify that I am at least 18 years old and that I understand and agree to the above.



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