In memoriam [Baren] member ... Wanda Robertson

Her words...her images...

Wanda Robertson, Interview by Barbara Mason 2002


"And most important, please be kind to each other, and
patient with each other. This is a wonderful group and we
discuss wonderful things - let's keep on doing that."
Wanda Robertson, (02-22-02)

Way to Me

Wanda's Garden

“It is the first day of spring today - and Oregon is going right
along with the plan. The flowering trees are making little pink
clouds of blooms all over the place and the daffodils are
putting out their bright yellow blooms also. Really pretty
today. (03-20-01)”



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“They (the lambs) feel like warm, wiggly hooked rugs to me
& I love to catch them & pack them around when they're little.”

"Yes, Happy Birthday Baren! And may there be many more. I feel like I've
found a home here, with other artist/craftsmen and a fountain of
information. Thanks to all of you! I'm really looking forward to the coming
year of Baren participation."

"Funny you should mention and tell us about Tokuriki. I received the
copy of his little book "Woodblock Printing" yesterday. I sat right
down and read the whole book. It is, without doubt *the* best book on
woodblock printing I have gotten my hands on (so far). His sweet and
generous spirit comes through even with a translator. I was going to
write and ask if he is still living. In the "about the artist" section
it states that he was born in 1902, the 13th generation of a family of
artists. How wonderful! I feel so fortunate to have been able to find
a copy of this little book. Maybe it's an omen of some sort."

"I am not a very young person, but have always wanted to travel and to learn things, but
never really had the opportunity or the money to do them before. So, I
am enjoying all of this very much. I'm more than willing to share
experiences if that would help any."

"Have a lovely day today, Memorial Day here in the states. To remember
the ones fallen in battle and pray that wars will end in our lifetime."

(Wanda's first post to the Baren list Thu, 08 Oct 1998)
"Hi everyone, I'm new to the Baren list, and am enjoying it a lot. I'm a rank beginner. Yes, tell us newbies about the print exchange! Even if it's too late to be in this one, we will be ready for the next one. (I hope) Wanda in blustery, windy, rainy Oregon, USA"

You will always be in our hearts, dear Wanda...

...all your Baren friends.

Our thoughts and words...

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